When did you last back up your data?

A reminder about the most important thing you're not doing on your computer
We have a lot of faith in technology.

But like it's creators, technology is only human, and is prone to the mistakes and breakdowns of humans.

So hard disks (where ALL your information, pictures, movies, emails, and everything else you depend on) are rated by a scale called MTBF, which stands for Mean Time Between Failures. MTBF is the basic measure of reliability for repairable items. It's described as the number of hours that pass before the item fails. But note that the first word is MEAN, which in this instance is not a SPECIFIC number, but an AVERAGE number. Some hard disks last forever, others last only days, weeks or months.

So you shouldn't keep your information in just one place. Almost every system today comes with writable DVD burners, which can hold a lot of information. You probably already have software that will back up your data. Get to know it. It may be your friend and save you someday. Because computers do fail, and though almost all data can be recovered, sometimes the cost of recovering it is mind-boggling.


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