Why DID the chicken cross the road?

Posing an obvious answer to this age old question

The Trolley Dilemma

A new solution (or two) for this classic moral dilemma

Los Angeles Mass Transit Projects - NO!

An examination of Mass Transit solutions for the problems of Los Angeles traffic congestion and pollution, with an alternate proposal which solves both problems, at a fraction of the cost.

When did you last back up your data?

A reminder about the most important thing you're not doing on your computer

Israel Outside the Box,
A Proposal to End the Middle East Conflict

    Today (date posted) is March 23th, 2009. 234 years years ago, Patrick Henry stood up before the Second Virginia Convention and proposed that the colony should take up arms against the British crown and seek its independence. That started a series of events that has reshaped the world. On March 27th, Salman Rushdie said "there are no new ideas coming out on the Middle East" and on April 3rd Sam Donaldson said "We'll take any good idea wherever we can get it."

    This article may not provoke that kind of response, but I do propose something equally as bold and visionary, that could again reshape the world. Without firing a single shot.

Wisdom of the Masters, Part 1

Robert A. Heinlein may be a new name to you, or you may have read everything he's ever written. He's that kind of author. Though he wrote mainly in the genre of science fiction, winner of many Hugo Awards, and the inspiration to almost everyone in the early days of NASA, his knowledge and insight on subjects far and wide continues today to be as pertinent as when first written. In fact, a number of modern science fiction writers now insist that the characters in THEIR books read Heinlein.

So from time to time, I'll be posting here some of his Wisdom.

Chicken or the Egg, a classic dilemma

The causality dilemma commonly stated as "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" An analysis of the classic Conundrum